March JH/HS PAWS Students of the Month

This school year, 2016-2017, we are placing a continued emphasis on recognition of our students to help promote school pride and achievement in eight different citizenship and academic categories.  
Recognizing students that contribute to a positive and productive school environment is very important to all of the staff in Shelby Schools.  The month of March was dedicated to students who were recognized as the student displaying the best 'Citizenship'.  This student was selected from each content area, by their teachers, in both the high school and junior high.  Each student selected will have their picture taken to be on display in the school for an entire month. 
The March high school students selected as the student displaying the best 'Citizenship' are:
Ag Science - Brenden Clark-Smith
Art - Brittany Hanson
Business Ed - Rachael Skiera
English - Jackie Stratton
Math - Abbey Aklestad
Music - Baylen Moss
Physical Ed - Makayla Haight
Science - Maddy Hellinger
Social Studies - Jessica Steiner
Vocational - Selena Neith
The March junior high school students selected as the student displaying the best 'Citizenship' are:
Ag Science - Harold Miller
Art - Maddison Underdal
English - Vivi McDermott
Math - Shaun Salveson
Music - Garett Hansen
Physical Ed - Logan Leck
Science - Tanner Tustian
Social Studies - Kolby Lohr
Vocational - Jacob Kingsolver
The first week of May we will select the Most Well-rounded Student of the Year.  A 2016-17 PAWS Club plaque for both the high school and the junior high will be created displaying the names of our 'Students of the Year'.  The Student of the Year will be a selection that encompasses all of the previous categories throughout the school year, in each content area.  The categories of recognition have been:
Best Attitude
Most Improved Student
Most Courageous
Best Peer
Best Student
Grit and Perseverance