April Elem PAWS Students of the Month

Congratulations to all of the students awarded in April:
Ms. Goodan 
Grace Hemmer and Gracie Ahmels both are very responsible girls. They take responsibility for their bodies, mouths, and things.
Ms. Tomsheck
Danyka Carlisle is very responsible for herself. Even when accepting responsibility means she may get in trouble.
Ms. Mosley
Amelia Clarke is an extremely responsible little girl. She always has everything she needs throughout the day. I can count on her all the time to do what is right. I am always able to count on her to be a great role model for her classmates. Great job!
Ms. De La Torre
Nessa Petersen meets her responsibilities really well, whether it’s turning in a paper on the day or reviewing the spelling words on her own. She's incredible and a great model in class.
Ms. J. Hayes
Savanna Salveson is a responsible student, she accepts responsibility For her work and behavior. She always has a great attitude no matter What!
Ms. Keifer
Arie Preuss is a very responsible student. Arie is a class leader and loves to help other students be responsible as well. Arie turns in her homework on time, she always has her name on her paper, and she does any job I ask her to do. Arie is a class leader who is an outstanding example of being a responsible student at school and at home.
Ms. K. Hayes
Shia Petersen - Shia joined our class in February. He has been a great addition. He is very responsible in getting his classroom work and homework completed. He works hard and always does his best. I am very proud of him!
Ms. White
I have a tie between Emma Peterich and Lindy Kiefer. Both students have accepted responsibility for their homework and behavior. If needed, or when asked they make adjustments in the classroom and/or at home. They take pride in their school job and try to get the best grades possible, even if it means redoing work or adding extra effort to their work. They are also very responsible with their behavior and make my job a little easier. Thank you girls!
Ms. Koschmeder
Brendan Clark is a very responsible student. He makes sure he puts in his best effort so he gets the most out of his educational experience. He is also kind and helpful to others. Brendan is a leader who sets an great example for his peers.
Ms. Wiederrick
Mason Lamb is very responsible. He always has his homework completed and turned in on time. He brings notes back on time, and does his best work always.
Mr. Buck
Anna Aklestad. Anna is responsible in class all of the time. She always has her work completed and makes sure that it is quality. She Accepts Responsibility to make sure the daily chores are completed for her entire table.
Mr. Z. Hayes
Kadense Petersen is a very responsible student. He shows up to school ready to learn with everything that he needs for the day. He accepts responsibility in completing his daily work.
Ms. Peterson
Alicia Stevenson has stepped up her effort to accept responsibility for her education. She made the choice to work on her organizational skills in order to improve her grades. As a result, she raised all of her grades by at least one letter grade. She also does not make excuses. She accepts responsibility for all of her actions and does not argue with her teachers.
Ms. Rewerts
Mackenzee Sargent responsibility has improved her responsibility with homework and preparation for tests. She works hard daily to improve herself and grades.
Walking Program
Tel Gray is always ready to begin and has a great attitude, he remembered his walking program homework.
Maddie House shows responsibility in P.E. with her actions and positive attitude. She is involved in softball and golf and has shown responsibility in her ability to time manage and organize her gear for each of those and P.E.
Lyle Seavers is always prepared for class and does his best everyday. He often helps other students and cleans up after other people without being asked. He can be depended on to do whatever is asked of him. Thanks, Lyle!
Megan Benjamin is a very responsible student. She takes care of her books and is conscientious about due dates. She also takes responsibility for her actions and is respectful of adults and other students.