2017 SHS Awards and Scholarships

The 2017 Shelby High School graduating class received many types of financial aid from the Shelby community in order to pursue their education in college.
Twenty-two students received more than $71,000 from over 32 local scholarship programs. The Toole County Education Foundation provided over $34,000 to 18 students. This program has provided over $1,200,000 in awards since it was begun in 1982. The Marias River Electric Cooperative presented awards totaling $8,000 to 19 students. We would like to thank all of the scholarship sponsors for supporting Shelby Students.  Academic scholarships offered by various Colleges and Universities totaled close to $450,000 for the 2017 Shelby High School Seniors. What a great accomplishment, we are very proud of the class of 2017. Here is a list of scholarships and awards. 
  • Toole County Education Foundation: Dakota Reel, Sierra Asper, Samantha Aklestad, Amanda Dodson, Grace Aklestad, Rachael Skiera, Wade Luly, Andrew Johnson, Brodey White, Marcus Irvin, Kelly Krutzfeld, Colt Pederson, Austin Taylor, Ashton Daniels, Jessica Steiner, Allisa Buck, David Kelleher, Rikki Bleeker
  • Kalbfleisch Scholarship-David Kelleher
  • Marias River Electric Association: Grace Aklestad, Samantha Aklestad, Sierra Asper, Rikki Bleecker, Allisa Buck, Ashton Daniels, Amanda Dodson, Marcus Irvin, Andrew Johnson, David Kelleher, Mark Kingsolver, Caleb Mertz, Colt Pederson, Racheal Skiera, Jessica Steiner, Austin Taylor, Casey Ward, Brodey White, Trisha Whitson 
  • Marias River Electric Annual Meeting Drawing: Allisa Buck
  • Basin Electric Cooperative: David Kelleher
  • Marias Medical: David Kelleher, Andrew Johnson, Colt Pederson
  • International Order of Odd Fellows & Rebekahs: Mark Kingsolver
  • American Legion Post #43: Dakota Reel
  • 3 Buttes Post #2484 VFW: Mark Kingsolver, Ashton Daniels, Racheal Skiera, Dakota Reel
  • Shelby Masonic Lodge #143: Allisa Buck, Grace Aklestad
  • Toole County Taverns Association: Rikki Bleeker, David Kelleher, Mark Kingsolver, Austin Taylor, Ashton Daniels
  • Fine Arts Parents: Sam Aklestad
  • Marcus Lindberg Memorial: Jessica Steiner
  • Shelby Education Association: Amanda Dodson
  • Shelby Volunteer Fire Department: Allisa Buck, Amanda Dodson
  • Mark Mascarenas Memorial: Amanda Dodson
  • Bret Wanken Memorial: Cody Reel, Colt Pederson
  • John Keller Memorial: Austin Taylor
  • Mountain View Coop: Samantha Aklestad
  • Charlotte Dube Memorial: Rikki Bleeker
  • Shirley D Fjeld Memorial: Ashton Daniels, Allisa Buck
  • 3 Rivers Banner: Cody Reel
  • CrimeStoppers: Brodey White
  • BPO Elks: David Kelleher, Colt Pederson, Grace Aklestad
  • Toole County Vocational Youth: Marcus Irvin, Rikki Bleeker, Mark Kingsolver, Caleb Mertz
  • Northern Telephone Cooperative: Dakota Reel, Grace Aklestad, Sam Aklestad, Amanda Dodson, Austin Taylor, Casey Ward
  • Heisey Foundations Award: Brodey White
  • TriAngler’s Sportsman Club: Trisha Whitson
  • Harry & Amprita Simons Memorial: Ashton Daniels
  • Youth Serve Montana: David Kelleher, Colt Pederson
  • Somont Oil: Jessica Steiner
  • Ray Zelenka Memorial: Grace Aklestad
  • Janet Flesch Memorial: Mark Kingsolver, Ashton Daniels
  • Krystkowiak Scholarship: David Kelleher
  • George Wilson Memorial: Grace Aklestad, Colt Pederson
  • Reach Higher (JMG): Grace Aklestad,Colt Pederson
  • Shelby Booster Club: Allisa Buck, Ashton Daniels, Andrew Johnson, Colt Pederson, Rachael Skiera, Brodey White
  • St Luke’s GreenUp Scholarship: Andrew Johnson, David Kelleher, Colt Peterson.
  • OPI Outstanding Academic Achievement: Grace Aklestad
  • DAR Good Citizen: Samantha Aklestad
  • DeKalb Agricultural Accomplishment: Austin Taylor
  • President's Award for Educational Excellence: David Kelleher, Samantha Aklestad, Ashton Daniels, Grace Aklestad, Wade Luly
  • President’s Award for Educational Achievement: Allisa Buck, Andrew Johnson, Colt Pederson, Jessica Steiner, Sierra Asper, Amanda Dodson, Brodey White
  • American Citizenship Award: Sierra Asper, David Kelleher, Mark Kingsolver, Colt Pederson, Brodey White
  • Departmental Awards: English-Samantha Aklestad, Science-David Kelleher, Math-Allisa Buck & Rachael Skiera, Art- Ashton Daniels, Ag-Austin Taylor, Music-Allisa Buck, Social Studies- Grace Aklestad
College and University Scholarships: 
  • Grace Aklestad- Presidential Scholarship (Carroll College), Presidential Scholarship(Concordia-Portland), Honors Program (Concordia), Student Innovation Award (Concordia)
  • Samantha Aklestad-Athletic Scholarship (University of Great Falls)
  • Sierra Asper-Western Undergraduate Exchange Scholarship (Utah Valley College)
  • Allisa Buck-Music Scholarship(Hastings College), Athletic Scholarship (Hastings College), ACT/GPA Scholarship (Hastings College)
  • Andrew Johnson-Dean’s Scholarship (Rocky), Athletic Scholarship (Rocky)
  • David Kelleher-Ken Smith National (JAG), Academic Scholarship (University of Great Falls), Chancellor Scholarship (MT Tech), College Application Week Scholarship (MT Tech), Montana Promise Scholarship (MSU-B)
  • Wade Luly- Trustee Scholarship (Carroll College)
  • Colt Pederson- Athletic Scholarship (MUS-Northern), Independence Bank Scholarship
  • Dakota Reel- Horatio Alger Montana Scholar